A yellow frog sits on a green leaf

This frog farm in Colombia is trying to put poachers out of business


Treasures of Colombia breeds tiny amphibians, native to Colombian forests, for export to Europe and the US.

For species dependent on monsoon flooding in desert southwest, mosquitoes unwelcome competition


Earth Ear – Frog Sing-along

Earth Ear

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Earth Ear


The night time is the right time for these nocturnal frogs.

The World

Eco Art

Arts, Culture & Media

Photographer Brandon Ballengée spends his days hunting for frogs with extra legs and missing eyes. He’s an eco artist, and by seeking out these mutant anomalies, he hopes to bring environmentalism to new audiences. Produced by Studio 360’s Trey Kay.

The Dangers of Triclosan

A chemical commonly found in toothpaste and anti-bacterial soap may disrupt thyroid function in humans.

Deformed Frog Detectives

Deformed frogs have been appearing around the country, particularly in the Midwest, and scientists have speculated on a variety of causes: from chemicals in the environment, to ultraviolet radiation, to parasitic flatworms. Now, new research points to a mix of chemicals in the water as the culprit. Janet Raloff (RAL-off), senior editor of Science News […]

Road Kill Redemption

Flattened frogs and squished squirrels come back to life as teaching aids in classrooms across America. Students charting road kill share their data on the Internet and learn important lessons in animal behavior, migration patterns and the perils of development. Wendy Nelson reports.