Ethnic groups in Russia

Workers repair the railway part of the Crimean Bridge connecting Russian mainland and Crimean peninsula over the Kerch Strait, in Kerch, Crimea, Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022. 

Crimean Tatars long to return to a liberated Crimea


After nearly a full year of war with Russia, Ukrainian leaders say victory will come when the Russians make a full retreat out of Ukraine — including the Crimean Peninsula.

Multicolored displays of Korean marinated salads are a mainstay at Almaty’s Green Bazaar.

In Kazakhstan, timeless Korean recipes are loved and maintained

Peter Pomerantsev

How a Kiev-born TV producer understands Ukrainian identity

Global Politics
Protestors in the Crimean city of Simferopol come out support of the new government in Kiev.

Russian troops are stirring ethnic tensions that could tear Crimea apart

Conflict & Justice
"Mountain people" from the 1860s. These warriors held off the Russian empire for 47 years. Many were ethnically cleansed after the Russian conquest in 1864.

Sochi has a long and difficult past, including a little-known genocide

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Early Ukrainian diplomacy. The Zaporozhian Cossacks reply to the Sultan of Turkey, by 19th century Russian artist, Ilya Repin. Ukraine has always been vulnerable to more powerful neighbors.

Ukraine’s identity crisis is nothing new

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Ukraine has been gripped by demonstrations for weeks now. Protesters want the President to keep his promise and sign a deal with the European Union. The deal would bail out the country’s broken finances and bring it into closer association with Brussels. Russia doesn’t like that. It’s not the first time in Ukraine’s history that is has to decide between East and West.

In Romania, linguistic respect for people once derided as Gypsies

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The Roma in Romania have long been called Tigan or Gypsy. Now, the country has made Roma the official term and hopes to reduce stereotypes and discrimination.

Romanian Plea to the British: Why Don’t You Come Over?

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After rumors circulated this week about a advertising campaign warning Romanians and Bulgarians not to come to England, Romanians have just unveiled their own cheeky ads about how life is better right where they are.

Russian Orthodox Church Stakes Out Territory on Social Issues

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Church officials says the growth of piety is natural following the collapse of Communism 20 years ago, but Russians, clergy and people alike, are still figuring out what role the church should play.

The Forgotten Circassian Nation

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Monday is the anniversary of the 1864 massacre of the Circassians. Their descendants are scattered around the world, including in northern New Jersey. Now they are pushing to go back to their cultural home. Can you name it?