Effects of global warming

A boy plays in a fountain to cool off as temperatures approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, July 18, 2019, in Kansas City, Missouri. 

A warming climate leads to more pediatric ER visits, study shows

Health & Medicine

A new study found that children and adolescents face increasing health risks as global temperatures rise.

Smoke rises from wildfires near Berezovka River in Russia

A heat wave in Siberia signals dangerous Arctic warming

Diver with corals

Transplanting resilient corals may help them survive climate change

Climate Change
Drone footage shows large icebergs that have recently broken off the ice shelf in West Antarctica.

If Thwaites Glacier collapses, it would change global coastlines forever

A sun sets behind a cloud over a grey body of water

Arctic permafrost is starting to thaw. Here’s why we should all care.

The Big Melt
Mexico Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Michael

Even a slight increase in global warming could be catastrophic, experts warn

Climate Change

A new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report details dire climate damage could occur if global average surface temperatures rise to 2 degrees C from the 1.5 degrees C maximum set by the Paris Climate Agreement. Is it too late to clean up our human-made climate change mess?

people ride motorcycles through heavy pollution in china

UN climate warning: Immediate change needed to preserve ‘life as we know it’

Climate Change

Keeping the Earth’s temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius means making rapid, unprecedented changes in the way people use energy to eat, travel and live or we risk even more extreme weather and loss of species, a UN report said on Monday.

Snow is blown off of the calving front off of Thurston Island in western Antarctica in this photo, taken in November 2014. New findings show the western side of Antarctica to be more vulnerable to warming oceans — and increased ice loss — than first thoug

A scientist’s response to Antarctic ice loss: ‘We can act.’

When it came to figuring how much ice loss was taking place over the last five years in Antarctica, they knew it was a bad situation — but they did not realize it was this bad.

This rendering depicts an aerial view of a flooded National Mall area in Washington, DC, in 2100 if global emissions rise and a Category 3 hurricane hits the city. It was included in an October 2016 webinar by University of Colorado Boulder’s Maria Caffre

National Park Service restores climate change language in new report after being accused of censoring science


Early drafts of the report showed park service officials had deleted every mention of humans causing climate change. The scientific report is designed to help 118 coastal parks plan for protecting natural resources and historic treasures from the changing climate.

Thwaites Glacier

Just how unstable is the massive Thwaites glacier? Scientists are about to find out.


A new five-year US and British research project hopes to give policy makers a better sense of how much west Antarctica will drive rising seas.