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Can you name the five remaining communist countries in the world?

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If you know the five countries that still call themselves communist, can you say which one is hewing most closely to Marxist principles?

U.N. summit focuses on how to improve global happiness

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How governments can create policies that promote happiness


Economic transition and mortality rates

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How Should We Judge our Economy?

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Is Happiness More Important than GDP?

Today the United Nations will discuss happiness. Does happiness contribute to the well-being of the world? Tom Barefoot, co-coordinator of Gross National Happiness USA, believes that having a sound economy might be less important than having a country filled with happy people. How do we measure – or achieve – something so abstract?

A Closer Look at the Racial Divisions in the US Economy

In the past couple years, the economy has become the focus of media coverage, politics and national debate. Movements like Occupy Wall Street brought issues of economic disparity and class to the center stage. But where and how does race fit into all this?   Maggie Anderson, the CEO and cofounder of The Empowerment Experiment, decided […]

Capitalism: Broken, or A System Unfairly ‘Gamed’?

Many of the protesters currently occupying American cities and engaging in actions around the world are angry at what they say are the worst offenders  – companies and people taking unfair financial advantage in a capitalist system. Some argue that capitalism is broken, but is that true, or is it just that some are “gaming” the […]

Measuring Happiness in Victoria, British Columbia

Health & Medicine

A Canadian epidemiologist is helping his own community to track the happiness of its people.

The Economic Trickle-Up of Gay Marriage

Beginning on July 24, New York will be the sixth and largest state in which same-sex couples can marry.  This historic event will have impacts beyond the issue of civil rights –  gay couples will see changes in benefits, insurance coverage, and taxes. If trickle-down economics is about the impact of economic policy on the individual, then […]