East Africa

Eritrean cyclist makes Tour de France history


The World’s host Carol Hills speaks with CEO of Team Africa Rising Kimberly Coats about Biniam Girmay’s historic Tour de France win and cycling’s increasing popularity in East Africa.

The World

A clean election brings Kenya a new constitution

Conflict & Justice

Kenyans still proud of Obama, but with an eye on their own elections

Drought ravages parts of East Africa

Life and love for Somalis in Kenyan refugee camp

Yugoslavia, Zaire and other defunct geo names

From politics to revolutions and branding — the history behind geographic name changes around the world.

Maasai the Brand: Firm Helping Indigenous People Claim Ownership of Their Cultural Property

Global Politics

Marco speaks with Ron Layton of Light Years IP about helping indigenous people gaining the legal rights to their cultural property.

Among Kenya’s Maasai, Traditional Ways Falling to Climate Change

Climate change is just the latest of many threats to the traditional culture of the pastoralist Maasai people of East Africa. But for many, it's the one that's finally forcing them to abandon their old ways, as repeated bouts of extreme weather lead them to give up their cattle.

Nairobi Singer Makadem’s Get Out the Vote Effort in Kenya

Arts, Culture & Media

Kenyan singer Makadem gained international fame with his song “Obama Be Thy Name,” in support of Barack Obama’s presidential run in 2008. Four years later the singer is focused on getting out the youth vote for Kenya’s own presidential election next year.

Somali Family and Friends Cheer On Olympic Champion Mo Farah

Conflict & Justice

Long distance runner Mo Farah won the gold for Britain in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter races. But he’s not British-born. Farah is from Somalia, and his family lives in, well that’s the question for you … Where?