DNA profiling

An illustration shows several bodies layed out in in various positions with one red body.

In the western Balkans, DNA tests help families discover fate of dead relatives


DNA testing is making it possible for thousands of families to recover and identify the skeletal remains of loved ones decades after they were murdered or disappeared. But some families are traumatized and distressed by these discoveries. 

Undocumented migrants are escorted into a transport van after being apprehended by US Border Patrol agents following an illegal crossing of the Rio Grande in Mission, Texas, on Oct. 8, 2019.

Immigration expert: Trump administration DNA collection plan is a ‘waste of time’

Jack the Ripper's victim from The Illustrated Police News (circa 1888)

It could finally be ‘case closed’ on Jack the Ripper’s real name


Is Bigfoot a big myth? A new study testing hair DNA finds no proof

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DNA evidence exonerates 21st prisoner in Dallas, Texas

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Illinois to set standard for sex crimes DNA testing

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a new law mandating that all rape kits be sent to the Illinois State Police laboratory or an approved lab within 10 business days of acquiring the evidence. We talk about testing practices in Illinois and other states.

Hollywood-style turn of events leads to break in historic Boston Strangler case

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Albert DeSalvo confessed to being the Boston Strangler, then withdrew his confession later. Suspected of killing 11 people but never charged, DeSalvo died in prison. But a recent break gave police the link they say proves he was, in fact, the killer.

Britain to erase DNA data

The British government to remove DNA data of close to a million innocent people from its crime database.

Supreme Court Allows Police to Collect DNA Samples After Arrests

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the practice of taking DNA samples from people arrested in felony cases, even if they are not charged. The ruling on Maryland v. King was made in a 5-4 decision.  In the majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: “Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrestee’s DNA is, like fingerprinting […]

Exonerated: Pursuing Justice after a Wrongful Conviction

This week, with the signature of Governor Martin O’Malley, Maryland became the 18th state to abolish the death penalty. Kirk Bloodsworth watched as the Governor signed the repeal, the culmination of a years-long advocacy campaign. In 1984, a Maryland jury convicted Bloodsworth of the sexual assault and murder of nine-year-old Dawn Hamilton, a violent crime […]