Coral reefs

Urchin perch on live coral (left) with fossil coral, the foundation of the live reef, in the foreground, live reef in the background.

Galapagos discovery offers clues to climate impact on deep-sea corals

Climate Change

Scientists say research into newly found reefs could lead to important conservation efforts

Diver with corals

Transplanting resilient corals may help them survive climate change

Climate Change

A genetic tool could help scientists identify the most resilient types of corals

Elkhorn coral is one of the main varieties of coral that workers on the northern coast of Puerto Rico have been able to restore following damage done by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Local NGOs repair Puerto Rico’s coral reefs in Maria’s aftermath

Coral is seen bleached white against the dark blue ocean.

Australia announces $379 million funding for Great Barrier Reef


Diving Deep for Site-Specific Art

Arts, Culture & Media

You’ll need a wetsuit to see Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculptures: they put the art in artificial reef.

A man snorkels in an area called the "Coral Gardens" near Lady Elliot Island, on the Great Barrier Reef

A successful coral transplant gives scientists hope for the Great Barrier Reef


In a trial at the reef’s Heron Island off Australia’s east coast, the researchers collected large amounts of coral spawn and eggs late last year, grew them into larvae and then transplanted them into areas of damaged reef.

Port of Miami

A Miami port dredging project may have damaged the city’s offshore coral reef


Coral reefs around the world are under threat. Acidifying oceans due to the rise of CO2 associated with global warming; the El Niño weather system, which has led to massive die-off and bleaching of corals in parts of the Pacific Ocean. And closer to home, commerce also threatens coral: a recent port expansion may have caused serious damage to the reef off of Miami, Florida.

Bleached coral in the Great Barrier Reef. From Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0

How worried should we be about bleached coral reefs?


More than 90 percent of the coral in the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached by warming temperatures. Is there any future for the coral in our oceans?

Elkhorn coral

Coral off the coast of Cuba is flourishing — a rare glimmer of hope for this threatened ecosystem


Rising ocean temperatures and pollution runoff are bleaching and killing corals in oceans across the globe. But corals in some parts of Cuba are not only surviving, they are thriving.