A sea turtle heads back to the ocean after the tortugueros have finished gathering data on it

Kino Bay’s Becerra family gave up traditional fishing to focus on saving sea turtles


Green sea turtles are an endangered species and among the largest of their kind in the world. They’re also the only herbivorous sea turtles. Now, some conservation groups are trying to protect them.

At El Color de Mis Reves, or The Color of My Dreams, most of the land is covered by cloud forests. The owner wants the forest to regrow to give the wildlife more space.

Colombian farmers bet on bird-watching lodges to conserve forests

A record number of wolves are roaming the forests and fields of Oregon, 20 years after the species returned to the state.

Charlotte McConaghy’s new novel imagines reintroducing wolves to the Scottish Highlands

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A tiger crosses a road in India’s Ranthambore National Park.

GPS tracking could help tigers and traffic coexist across Asia

A woman with a green shirt, silver hair and a wrinkled face smiles

Jane Goodall: 60 years of research, activism and inspiration

Aerial view of greenery

‘Our Planet’ aims to raise awareness and offer solutions for an Earth in crisis


“Our Planet” is an inspiring nature documentary series narrated by the renowned Sir David Attenborough. The eight-episode Netflix original provides viewers with majestic scenes of our natural world through the sobering lens of climate change.

Longhorn cattle on Knepp Estate

A pioneering ‘rewilding’ project in England transforms a 200-year-old family farm


When a multigenerational agricultural estate in West Sussex, England, was no longer a fruitful venture — the owners decided to let nature take its course.


Some former combat divers are now working to restore ocean health


A non-profit called FORCE BLUE is training elite military veterans to do ocean conservation work.

Protestors hold up signs at a rally against a proposed Kinder Morgan oil pipeline expansion on Burnaby Mountain in 2014 in British Columbia. In late May, the Canadian government announced it would fund an expansion project for the Kinder Morgan Trans Moun

With pipeline decision, Canada’s Trudeau draws ire of environmental supporters

When Justin Trudeau was elected as the prime minister of Canada in 2015 he did so on a platform that pledged to reform the country’s environmental laws. Recent news of the Canadian government agreeing to fund a sands oil pipeline extension has many who voted for him questioning his motives.

Blue Crab Nantucket

A determined UMass undergrad is gathering important data on the Nantucket Harbor crab population


Counting crabs in Nantucket Harbor isn’t glamorous work, but somebody’s got to do it.