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Superhero Priya fights injustice along with her trusted tiger Sahas.

Superhero Priya tries to rescue New Delhi from air pollution on Earth Day


India’s first female comic superhero has previously tackled issues like masking up during COVID-19, surviving assault, trafficking and acid attacks. On Earth Day, Priya has returned — astride her faithful flying tiger — to show young children the power of collective action in tackling air pollution.

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A veteran of superhero comics took on immigration, language and the comic book industry

Has TV Finally Solved Its Superhero Problem?

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The hashtag that acts as a ‘bat signal’ for black cosplayers

The new digital comic "Madaya Mom" gives life to a story TV cameras can't reach.

A digital comic book tells the real-life tale of a heroic mom in besieged Syria


Belgian comic book industry seeks return to prominence

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Belgium is celebrated by comic artists as the birthplace of modern comics. Some of its most celebrated features and characters were first used by Belgian artists.

Debunking the Corrupting Effects of Comic Books

It was 1954 and Dr. Fredric Wertham was testifying before Congress. “Are there any bad effects of comic books?   I may say here on this subject there is practically no controversy,” he said. “Anybody who has studied them and seen them knows that some of them have bad effects.” Dr. Wertham, author of “Seduction of […]

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Belgium Comic Book Industry Trying to Make a Comeback

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Belgium’s comic book industry has been in the dumps for decades, but the country is fighting back by trying to become a center of innovation and excellence.

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The Manga bible

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British concept artist Siku talks to Faith about his comic book version of the Bible, “The Manga Bible.”