Coastal geography

A group of Tanzanians wearing bright colorful clothes ride in a boat.

Nearly swallowed by the sea, a small island in Tanzania fights against climate change

Climate Change

First, the encroaching sea started eating away at homes and killing crops on the small island of Kisiwa Panza. Then the rising tides began bringing up the dead.

Elkhorn coral is one of the main varieties of coral that workers on the northern coast of Puerto Rico have been able to restore following damage done by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Local NGOs repair Puerto Rico’s coral reefs in Maria’s aftermath

Elkhorn coral

Coral off the coast of Cuba is flourishing — a rare glimmer of hope for this threatened ecosystem

Post-Sandy rebuilding in New Jersey

In post-Sandy New York, a Dutch architect pushes oysters, islands and inlets to fight future floods


What’s behind a coral reef’s beauty? You’ll never guess


The Post-Sandy Recovery of New York and New Jersey’s Coastlines

Memorial Day is the official start of summer for most Americans, the time when people on the coasts and inland start heading to the beach for a break. But this year the usual New York and New Jersey beach-goers will have to be resilient and ready to deal with the uncertainty of coastal communities still […]

A Bright Spot for Coral Reefs

World wide, coral reefs are dying off at an alarming rate but researchers at Stanford University have found a population of coral that are thriving in high ocean temperatures that would normally kill them.

Heinz Awards Celebrate “Environmental Champions”

Ten creative people are receiving this year’s Heinz Award for their environmental efforts. Among them is a marine biologist with a hopeful message about the world’s oceans.

The World

Charting the Health of Coral in the Persian Gulf

Scientists are diving to the ocean floor to find out how coral reefs near Abu Dhabi survive the most extreme environments.

Beach Erosion

Natural erosion along with human development is threatening 70-90 percent of the beaches on American shores. New York Times Science Editor Cornelia Dean, author of the book Against the Tide: The Battle for America’s Beaches, discusses these threats to America’s coastline with host Steve Curwood.