Carbon offset

A Tesoro Corp. refinery, including a gas flare flame that is part of normal plant operations, in Anacortes, Washington.

Are carbon offsets really as effective as advocates claim?

Climate Change

More than 170 major companies have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050, with many counting on carbon offsets and carbon trading programs to help them reach that goal. But critics say offsets are not nearly enough to address the danger to the planet from continually rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Forests cover about 80% of the Maritime Provinces of eastern Canada. Around half of that land is owned by smallholders.

Can carbon offsets preserve Canadian woodlands?

The Big Fix
More than 30,000 people traveled to the UN's COP21 climate summit in Paris last month from aroudn the world. The UN set up a website where attendees could offset the carbon footprint of their travel.

People who traveled to the Paris climate summit can offset their carbon emissions — but it isn’t easy


California implements cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions


Yahoo! searches for energy efficiency


Energy companies split on climate bill


The climate bill sparks a power struggle among power companies — on ‘Living on Earth.’

Farmer Maria Luisa Jimenez eliminates greenhouse gas emissions from synthetic fertilizers by growing vegetables in the mixture of biochar, compost, rice husks and coconut fiber.

Carbon-neutral lunch: Costa Rica looks to lead on climate-friendly ag


Since Costa Rica announced four years ago that it would become “carbon-neutral” by 2021, the country has become a laboratory for reducing the climate impact of agriculture.

Australian Government Offers Carbon Tax Plan

Global Politics

The Australian government has unveiled plans to impose a tax on carbon emissions for the country’s worst polluters.

EU Carbon Market Slumps

Credits on the European Union carbon market have plummeted in value.

Forest Canopy & Climate

Forests play an important role in regulating the earth’s climate by filtering heat-trapping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They eliminate so much CO-2 that some governments are counting on better forest management to help slow down climate change that’s been set in motion by the use of carbon based fuels. But, little is known […]