Archaeologists uncover ancient Moorish waterways to irrigate Granada 


The Moors, who ruled in Spain, had a network of canals 800 years ago that moved water from the Sierra Nevada down into cities and farms. Archaeologists today are trying to uncover those canals, and put the ancient wisdom about irrigation to use today.

Local residents wade into the shallow waters of Lake Nicaragua, the largest in Central America, with the volcanic island of Ometepe in the distance. Many are worried that the lake will be contaminated by the country's new $50 billion Chinese-backed Pacifi

China’s American canal could sacrifice Nicaragua’s great lake

People ride bicycles across the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, the city’s main canal.

Which American city could potentially adopt a canal system to combat rising tides?

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Excavator at work, in Bas Obispo, Panama Canal (1886).

Panama: A historical perspective

After six years and billions of dollars, the Panama Canal expansion may grind to a halt

Venetians aren’t all smiles about the cruise ships that visit the city

The city of canals welcomes up to a dozen massive cruise ships a day. They are critical for the city’s economy, but critics say the ships are endangering the fragile canal and the city itself.

Famous tree-lined French Canal du Midi in danger of losing all its trees


The 42,000 plane trees lining France’s historic Canal du Midi are being felled because of a fungus brought to Europe by US soldiers in World War II. Will the planes that decorate the streets of cities such as Paris and London share the same fate?

Chinese Plan for Inter-Oceanic Canal Across Nicaragua Echoes British Disaster of Long Ago

China is planning to build a canal across Nicaragua to rival the Panama canal. The Chinese are not the first to dream of using Nicaragua as a trade route to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The World's History Editor Chris Woolf recalls a disastrous British attempt way back in 1780, at the time of […]

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Swimming in Amsterdam’s Canals for a Good Cause

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We just want you to name one of Amsterdam’s main canals. It’s one of the widest. The Emperor’s Canal is named after a Holy Roman Emperor. It served as the finish line for Sunday’s Amsterdam City Swim. Can you name it?

Fungus Hits Trees Along France’s Canal du Midi

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The Geo Quiz is looking for the ‘Pink City’ at the starting point of the canal.