Baja California

fishing nets in the sea of cortez

With no-fishing zones, Mexican fishermen restored the marine ecosystem

Small towns in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur lived on fishing for generations. When the fish ran out, they took a radical step.

The vaquita marina is a critically endangered porpoise species that lives only in the northern part of the Gulf of California. Scientists believe the population may be down to just 30 animals.

Adios, vaquita marina? Mexico’s ‘little sea cow’ is being pushed to the edge of extinction.


Some Baja Californians would rather secede than pay higher sales tax

Global Politics

U.S. aerospace and defense contractors set up shop across the border

Development Bust is Environmental Boon in Baja California

The World

Reclaiming the Colorado

The great Colorado River rushes out of the Rockies and across the southwest. It used to gush into the gulf of Baja California. But agriculture and cities now drain the river before it even reaches its end. Reporter Ilsa Setziol of KPCC reports nature is making amazing use of the meager water that does reach […]