Image from a poster depicting a toucan at the new exhibition, "Imaginary Amazon," at the University of San Diego, featuring works by contemporary artists, many of them Indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon. 

‘Imaginary Amazon’ exhibition counters negative stereotypes through contemporary art

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University Art Gallery at San Diego State University has just unveiled an exhibit, “The Imaginary Amazon,” featuring works by contemporary artists, many of them Indigenous inhabitants of the forest. The artists’ intent is to address some of the stereotypical Western perspectives of the Amazon.

a man standing in front of a colorful bottle cap mural

Venezuelan artist uses recycled bottle caps to create large eco-murals

This year's Eid stamp design released by Canada Post.

Canada unveils a first-of-a-kind Eid stamp this year

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Artwork by Nelli Isupova, who lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

A family of artists expresses how the war in Ukraine impacts their creative work

The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra rehearses at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, Poland, the day before the premiere performance of the "Voice of Ukraine" tour that took them to nine cities across Poland and Germany

The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra fights on the war’s ‘cultural front’

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei walks by his work "Life Cycle", a migrants' boat made of bamboo, during a press preview of his new exhibition "Rapture" in Lisbon, Portugal

A new memoir by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei honors his father’s poetry and politics

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Chinese political dissident and artist Ai Weiwei has published a new book called “1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows.” He took the time to discuss with The World’s Carol Hills what it was like growing up as the son of a dissident poet.

Kunsthalle Osnabrück co-director Anna Jehle sits near colorful stained-glass windows inside a church.

The perplexing acoustics of an art show in northwest Germany

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American visual artist and filmmaker Alison O’Daniel, who is Hard of Hearing, said her latest exhibition is the best representation of how she hears.

Anti-government protesters march in Havana, Cuba to protest against ongoing food shortages and high prices of foodstuffs

‘Obliged to exile’: Cuban activist Tania Bruguera on the plight of artist Hamlet Lavastida


After spending time in a maximum security prison in Havana, artist and activist Hamlet Lavastida has been exiled to Poland by Cuba’s government. Tania Bruguera, a senior lecturer in media and performance at Harvard University, joined The World’s host Marco Werman to discuss the plight of Cuban artists.

Wide shot of snowy barren land with a white car parked in the middle

Contentious Keystone XL pipeline project canceled

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Canadian company TC Energy withdraws from Keystone XL crude oil pipeline project after President Biden canceled its permit earlier this year. And, the number of undocumented migrants reaching the US-Mexico border hits its highest level in more than 20 years. Also, Moscow court labels organization of President Putin’s political foe, Alexei Navalny, as an “extremist” group.

On the exterior of the building, the stencil of a stag created by the artist MAD stands solemnly, with pieces of women's underwear hanging from its horns. 

Temporary art exhibit pays homage to an Istanbul apartment building scheduled for demolition 


“Mikrotopya” is a collection of installations, graffiti art and sculptures of found items created by 16 artists in an empty apartment building slated for demolition in Istanbul.