a white bottle of Oxycontin sits on a shelf.

How do our brains react to drugs? A former addict turned neuroscientist explains.

Health & Medicine

With overdoses becoming an increasing problem in the US, its more important than ever to understand how our brains react to drugs. Judith Grisel, a former drug addict turned neuroscientist, explains how our brains become addicted to drugs and shares her story.

The icon for female is behind bars surrounded by a brick wall.

There are more women in prison than ever before

A portrait of inmate Carmela Rodriguez Reyes in Mexico.

Women filling Mexico’s prisons are the ‘lowest rungs of the drug trade’

women at a prison

As opioids land more women in prison, Ohio finds alternative treatments


The number of daily opioid overdoses in South Florida is overwhelming police

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Carrie Fisher on sobriety

Actress and writer Carrie Fisher gives us a few choice insights on sobriety in the meantime.

Indonesia: Hooked on smoking cigarettes

Health & Medicine

Even among people making less than $1.00 each day, many Indonesians make room in their budgets for cigarettes.

World No Tobacco Day: Does it help people quit smoking?

Health & Medicine

The dangers of tobacco and cigarettes are very well known, but people all over the world continue to smoke. Will World No Tobacco Day make a difference?

A Sign of the Times: Underearners Anonymous

You’ve probably heard of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Maybe you’ve heard of Narcotics Anonymous, or Gamblers Anonymous.  But have you ever heard about Clutterers Anonymous? Or Online Gamers Anonymous?  Probably not. Genevieve Smith’s 12-step program was another one of these lesser-known groups: Underearners Anonymous.  Genevieve is an associate editor at Harper’s Magazine and is out with a new piece called “In […]

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Arts, Culture & Media

Yesterday, we told you about a new study that says 53 percent of people feel upset when they are separated from the internet, and 40 percent feel “lonely.” We asked for your stories of internet addiction.