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A painting of Prophet Muhammad's vision in Mecca from Tabriz, 1320 CE. In this painting, his facial features are not covered.

You can’t draw Muhammad — unless you’re one of many Muslim artists who did


Since the tragic attack at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, there have been a lot of questions about how Islam views depiction of the Prophet Muhammed. So, can you or can’t you draw the Prophet?

Aleppo's Umayyad mosque in northern Syria. The 8th century structure is labelled "in danger" on UNESCO's list of culturally significant heritage sites.

ISIS is waging another war — on culture and history


The Madrassa Myth: In Pakistan, public schools may be the problem

students praying at madrassa

The Madrassa Myth: in Pakistan, Public Schools may be the Problem

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First LGBT-friendly mosque opens in France

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France braces as it prepares for backlash over magazine’s publication of Mohammad cartoons

Lifestyle & Belief

A French magazine ignited a storm of controversy on Wednesday when it published a series of cartoons that lampoon and mock the Islamic Prophet Mohammad. The publication comes just days after a video produced in the United States, also deemed offensive to Muslims, set off days of protests across the Middle East and Africa.

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Slideshow: Bosnian Muslim Walking to Mecca for the Hajj

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A 47-year-old Bosnian Muslim is making a 3,600 miles pilgrimage from Bosnia to Mecca on foot. Each year millions of Muslims make the annual pilgrimage to the Saudi city for the Hajj.

A Ramadan Roadtrip Around The US

Two men are spending Ramadan in 30 different mosques in 30 different states for all 30 days of the month of fasting. They’re traveling 13,000 miles, from Alaska to New York City, and are speaking with us today from South Carolina, where they’re a little more than halfway through their trip. What they’ve found is […]

Religious Extremism: The Same on All Sides?

The Quran burning by Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ church group has incited deadly protests in Afghanistan. These events show the perils of religious extremism. Daisy Khan, from the American Society of Muslim Advancement and Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe of the World Evangelical Alliance both condemn the burning of the Quran and the subsequent violence.

Peter King’s History With Muslims

Global Politics

Congressional hearings on Islamic Extremism in America begin Thursday morning. Congressman Peter King (R-NY) called the hearings in order to start a debate over whether American Muslims are doing enough to prevent home-grown terrorism plots.