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Poll: For women at work, harassment complaints fall on deaf ears

According to a recent Takeaway-Harris poll, more and more people (62 percent) say they feel comfortable speaking out and challenging their abusers. But when digging into those numbers, a different story unfolds.

This is a black and white image of a profile of Harvey Weinstein from 2012. In the space next to his face, text says "The Harvey Effect: How his fall led millions of women to talk about workplace harassment."

Sexual harassment at work is a global problem. Now, the world is finally talking about it.

Grand Canyon view

Government report reveals a pattern of sexual harassment at some US national parks

Rajendra Pachauri, then chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the United Nations European headquarters, 2012.

A former UN climate chief’s promotion has set off renewed fury over sexual harassment allegations in India

Broadway in New York City

There’s a campaign underway to get the sexual harassment out of showbiz

Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-MA)

For Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, a new law aims to end ‘betrayal’ in the military

For Congresswoman Tsongas (D-MA), sexual assault in the military represents betrayal of the victim on many levels. She helped write the new law, just signed by President Obama, that aims to protect people from sexual assault in the armed forces.

Julia Simon imagines what's going through the mind of a man harassing her on the street in Cairo.

So, how long have you been harassing women like this?

For women in Egypt, harassment on the street is a constant. Reporter Julia Simon got so tired of it that one day, she decided to interview the man harassing her.