Muhammed Erdogan, the first Syrian turned Turkish citizen to run for parliament in Turkey, in front of his campaign truck.

The ‘Syrian Erdogan’ running in Turkey’s parliamentary elections

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Muhammed Erdogan is such a fan of Turkey’s incumbent president that he adopted the president’s last name. But many Turks don’t think he’s a legitimate political candidate.


In Istanbul, outrage over Zara not paying garment workers

A Turkish demonstrator holds a banner in Istanbul in April 2009. It reads, "No soldiers for Afghanistan. Return to your home Obama."

Eat, pray, admit you’re from an empire


DNA might help him identify his family. But he can’t find a way to give a sample.

Atlanta (left) and her sister Phoenix lounge with a volunteer outside the cargo hall before leaving Istanbul.

Turkey has a golden retriever problem. America can help.

Elif Koc, 18, shapes a customer's eyebrows at the Twins salon in Istanbul. Kroc is voting yes on Sunday's referendum. But she says the issue is dividing her family.

Is Turkey’s referendum a vote for more efficient government, or a power grab?

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Polls suggest the April 16 race is close and many are still undecided.

A Syrian refugee woman, who is stuck between the Jordanian and Syrian borders, holds her child near the town of Ruwaished, in the Hadalat area, east of the capital Amman, May 4, 2016.

What 2017 could bring for millions of displaced Syrians


More than 4 million Syrian refugees have fled to neighboring countries of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Millions more are trying to escape Syria’s borders. Here’s what they can expect from the new year.

A Syrian class in Istanbul. Many of the students hadn't attending school for years.

Syrian parents in Turkey worry their kids are losing their culture


Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children are attending temporary Syrian schools in Turkey, where they learn in Arabic. But the country is considering a plan to have them attend Turkish schools only.

Two women discuss Turkish politics during a joint rally in Istanbul between the Islamist and secularist parties shortly after the attempted coup in late July.

Turkey’s fraught history with headscarves


It used to be that women who wore headscarves in Turkey faced harassment and discrimination. Lately, it’s the secular women bearing the brunt of it.

Turkey Refugee Camp

Refugees in Turkey will get EU-funded debit cards


The EU announced plans Thursday to distribute debit cards to refugees in Turkey, part of a multi-billion euro aid deal with Ankara to curb migrant flows to Europe.