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Ten TV Episodes to Watch Before the Golden Globes

Arts, Culture & Media

Our guide to the 10 best episodes of Golden Globe-nominated shows you can watch online before Sunday’s awards.

Social media

Confronting the new geopolitics of ‘net-states’

Global Politics
College graduation

How H-1B work visas transformed tech and education in the US and India

President Donald Trump waiting for the arrival of Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi at the White House in Washington on April 3.

Trump unveils more limits on visas favored by Silicon Valley

Companies like the Diamond Foundry can manufacture a high-quality diamond in about two weeks.  It takes the Earth about a billion years to do it the traditional way.

Diamond labs say theirs are forever too — even if they were made yesterday

computer virus

On the trail to catch cyber criminals


Security expert groups are ransacking our data, well out of the reach of police.


What we can learn from pirates, gangsters and others in the ‘misfit’ economy


Hacker collectives, pirate ships, and street gangs might be more creative than Silicon Valley.

Dancers relax after performing during a Diwali Festival in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley gets linguistic enlightenment from India

Arts, Culture & Media

The language of tech start-ups, innovation and business deals are deeply influenced by the many Indians who live and work in Silicon Valley.