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Indian students in uniform clothing arrive at a government-run junior school in Udupi, Karnataka state, India, Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022. 

Indian govt removes parts of Muslim history from federal textbooks


The Indian government’s new school textbooks have significant deletions in them related to Muslims in Indian history. Some historians accuse the ruling BJP government of rewriting the country’s history to suit its Hindu nationalist ideology.

A teacher oversees the nursery class in the corridor of the building of the school.

India’s young tech professionals head to rural schools to fill education gaps 


How India’s subsidized farms have created a water crisis

A woman walks into a rice field in northern India where farmers are using the technique known as Systems of Rice Intensification. Local officials claim the system recently produced a record rice harvest while using less fertilizer, water and seed.

Intensive Lunch: Controversial rice growing technique offers hope for bigger yields


Trafficking of young girls in India a growing problem amid gender imbalance

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Restoring Urban India’s Riverbanks


A new bio-park along a stretch of the river is starting to restore some of the natural services the landscape used to provide.