The overall catch from lobstering in Maine was down 16.4 percent in 2017 from the year before. Those who catch lobsters for a living in the state are hoping that downfall does not continue in 2018.

The feast-or-famine life of lobstering in Maine


The lobster industry has always been an up-and-down business, but a new book looks into how global warming is adding to that already uncertain rollercoaster.

A man stands in the middle of Grand Central Terminal as he speaks on a cell phone.

If you get a robocall in Mandarin, just hang up


Colleges create ‘safe zones’ on campus for undocumented students

Afghan journalist Habib Zahori made a cold trek across the US-Canada border on foot and on bicycle. "I remember thinking, wishing, 'Oh God, please, please send someone to arrest me!’ "

Habib Zahori was scared to seek asylum in the US. So he pushed a rickety bicycle through snow to get to Canada.


How this torture survivor from Chad made good on ‘a pact with God’

For the Jewish ritual of Kaparot, a person's sins are symbolically transferred to a chicken, and then the chicken is slaughtered.

My sins are cleared for the year, but the chicken wasn’t so lucky


This is a personal tale of atonement and chickens: Sarah Birnbaum and her mom went to Brooklyn to take part in a Jewish ritual called Kaparot.

Health centers in New York are providing information about the Zika virus to New Yorkers traveling home to the Dominican Republic. People who've traveled to the DR represent more than half of the Zika cases in New York.

Dominicans in New York are planning summer visits home. That means Zika planning.


New York health clinics are urging Dominicans in New Yorker who are going home for the summer to take precautions against the Zika virus.

Marwah Maasarani and her husband Omar Awad watching Donald Trump's RNC speech in their New Jersey livingroom on Thursday.

Here’s what a Muslim couple in New Jersey made of Donald Trump’s RNC speech

Election 2016

A Muslim couple in Lodi, New Jersey, have been watching the Republican National Convention all week. Last night, they invited a reporter in to watch Trump give his acceptance speech.

Jarvis Tyner has been a member of the Communist Party USA for over a half century. Now he's retiring from the Party staff.

Here’s how American Bandstand led a guy from Philly to the Communist Party

Global Politics

It’s not a big deal to be called a socialist this election. But what about a communist? One longtime member of the Communist Party USA looks back.

Apr 18, 2016; Boston, MA, USA; Security signs near the finish line of the 120th Boston Marathon.

Three years later, experts say the Boston Marathon is safer. But it will never be completely safe.


Juliette Kayyem, author of “Security Mom,” says we’ve minimized risks as much as possible, but will never be 100 percent safe.