Eastern Ukraine

A bunch of flowers with the colors of the Ukrainian flag is laid down at the memorial for those killed during the war, near Maidan Square in central Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, Feb. 24, 2023.

‘The war is not over yet’: Ukraine marks 10-year anniversary of pivotal Maidan Revolution


On Tuesday, Ukraine is celebrating 10 years since the start of the Maidan Revolution, the uprising that led to the downfall of the pro-Russian government and closer ties with the European Union. It also sparked a new wave of aggression from neighboring Russia that led to its full-scale invasion nearly two years ago.

Good Bread Bakery is baking and sending thousands of loaves of bread to the frontlines.

Volunteers in Ukraine organize to ‘fill in gaps’ in ongoing war

Players from Tavriya Simferopol huddle together at a match earlier this year.

War disrupts Ukrainian soccer, but the game still goes on

A visitor feeds straw to the zoo's four giraffes from outside their enclosure.

Ukraine’s zoos struggle to stay afloat during war, with traumatized animals and dwindling resources

A picture of victims of the MH17 crash rests on empty chairs during a protest outside the Russian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands March 8, 2020.

Start of MH17 murder trial offers some ‘relief,’ victim’s mother says

A close up of an eyeglass lens being cut

Ukrainian eyeglasses market brings pains of deindustrialization into focus


The ‘optical capital’ of the Soviet Union in Izyum, Ukraine, struggles amid regional economic decline on the borders of a hot war. 

A man in a suit with his hands gesturing

After 5 years of conflict, Ukraine’s barrier to peace is still ‘Russia’s political will’

Conflict & Justice

What has the US been doing about the conflict in Ukraine for the last five years?

Media professionals sit in control room with brightly lit screens

Ukraine’s public broadcasters want a free press. Can they survive the politics?


With a new president in power, parliamentary elections set for July and multiple, ongoing challenges to press freedom, the future of Ukraine’s public broadcaster remains unclear. 

A man claps in the foreground as confetti floats through the air

Ukraine voters reject status quo in vote for ‘absolutely unprepared’ president

Global Politics

With no experience and a limited policy platform, comedian-turned-president Volodymyr Zelenskiy might not change much in Ukraine, but his landslide victory still says something about voters’ frustrations.

A man with a microphone in front of bright lights gives a peace sign.

This Ukrainian presidential candidate is challenging language divisions with a message of unity

Global Politics

As Russian-speaking Volodymyr Zelenskiy leads in the presidential runoff, his challengers have made his mother tongue a subject of debate.