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3 governors in Puerto Rico? A plot twist beyond ‘House of Cards,’ says minority leader.

Wanda Vásquez is the third person to hold Puerto Rico’s governorship in one week’s time. The World speaks with Eduardo Bhatia, minority leader in the Puerto Rico Senate, about the state and future of Puerto Rico’s democracy.


After Maria, Puerto Rican women farmers work together to build resilience

Crops were damaged in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria, farmers in Puerto Rico struggle to rebuild

PR road and electrical wires

In Puerto Rico, neighbors turn to each other in Maria’s aftermath

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It may be getting harder for Puerto Rico’s national forest to recover from storms

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The indie-tropical beat of Balún

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Creating music you can sleep to while dancing.

Hurricane Maria aftermath

Puerto Rico’s tropical forests are showing resilience after Hurricane Maria

The intense winds and rains of Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico’s natural environment. But nature is all about recovery.

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A year after Maria, Puerto Rican college students find home – on the island and off

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Rosamari Palerm transferred to a school in Miami last fall after her school shut down in the wake of Hurricane Maria. She’s returned home to San Juan, but some of her classmates have stayed, making new homes in Miami.

Elkhorn coral is one of the main varieties of coral that workers on the northern coast of Puerto Rico have been able to restore following damage done by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Local NGOs repair Puerto Rico’s coral reefs in Maria’s aftermath


It is truly amazing what zip ties and a pair of pliers can do. Just ask the members of Group V.I.D.A.S. in Puerto Rico.

Mela Murder holds her daugther Amethyst in the Hurray for the Riff Raff Music video for Palante

In song and video, ‘Pa’lante’ depicts Puerto Rico’s resilience

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“It resonates with everything and everyone. Any type of situation you may be in, despite what happens in life, you can move forward. And you will.”