Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip as seen from the window of the Jordanian cargo plane carrying aid.

The view over Gaza onboard a Jordanian aid plane

Israel-Hamas war

As part of the effort to get more food and water into Gaza, the Jordanian air force is participating in airdrops into the beleaguered territory. The World’s Shirin Jaafari traveled along on one of the flights to see what it takes to get aid into Gaza from above.

Palestinians displaced by the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip are seen in tents in town of Khan Younis, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023.

LISTEN: Voices from across the globe as the Israel-Hamas war continues to unfold

Israel-Hamas war
Trucks carrying humanitarian aid enter Gaza Strip from Egypt in Rafah as a temporary ceasefire went into effect, Nov. 24, 2023.

‘We’re bracing for what comes after’ the truce, MSF Gaza director says

Israel-Hamas war
Israeli soldiers carry a stretcher toward a helicopter near the border with Gaza Strip, as seen from southern Israel, Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023.

Israel and Hamas reach temporary ceasefire agreement

Israel-Hamas war
Illustration of a woman holding a baby and being led by a dark authority figure

When the phones go dead in Gaza

Israel-Hamas war
A video still from an athletic center in Ramallah, in the West Bank, where hundreds of Palestinian workers from the Gaza Strip are stranded.

For Palestinians, the fear of displacement cuts deep

Israel-Hamas war

Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the Israeli finance minister has endorsed the idea of sending Palestinians from Gaza to countries that will accept them. But Palestinians say this would effectively be ethnic cleansing.

The streets of Ashkelon in southern Israel are quiet, but not totally empty after Hamas militants attacked the area over a month ago.

As thousands flee violence in southern Israel, some decide to stay put

Israel-Hamas war

Thousands of rockets have been fired at Israeli towns and cities by Hamas militants in Gaza. In the beginning of the war, many were directed at the city of Ashkelon. About 200,000 Israelis have fled to other parts of the country. But some residents have decided to stay put.

Rubble from destroyed building and homes in Gaza

Gaza resident: ‘We all have the feeling we won’t make it until tomorrow’

Israel-Hamas war

Longtime Gaza resident and journalist Hind Khoudary is in Gaza City. She describes to The World’s Marco Werman a city of flattened neighborhoods, where doctors are treating patients on the floor.

Photo showing tanks and jeeps rolling through a desert

How the Hamas assault echoes the 1973 Arab-Israeli war

Israel-Hamas war

Failings leading up to the Arab-Israeli War of 50 years ago cost the then-Israeli prime minister their job. Could history repeat?

Three young children are shown looking off to a room damaged by rocket attack.

PHOTOS: Shattered rooms show Gaza war’s toll on children

The 11-day war between Israel and Hamas featured the same waves of predawn Israeli airstrikes, the same continuous rocket fire out of the impoverished Gaza Strip, and the same lopsided casualty toll, with Palestinians making up the vast majority of the more than 250 killed. And like past wars between Israel and Hamas, it took a heavy toll on children.