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A black and white photo showing three scientists in an old looking laboratory.

Why history’s most famous scientists are usually a bit weird


Obsessed with work, insensitive, socially detached, and neglectful of family and friends — these may not be the most endearing qualities in a person, but they are just a few of the common characteristics a researcher found when studying some of the world’s most famous and prolific inventors.

Apple, Steve Jobs, and Me

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Value tech? Then you’ll have a tech genius. Art? An art genius.

Apple monument in Russia

Russia’s Steve Jobs memorial looks set to leave the country

Jean-Louis Gassée, a former colleague of Steve Jobs at Apple. Gassée is now a venture capitalist based in Silicon Valley.

For French entrepreneurs, there’s no place like home — in Silicon Valley

In Japan, banker tries to cash in on compassion, clean energy

Japan’s society has been roiled by the tsunami and disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant. At one credit union, the CEO has decided that it will do its part to help eliminate nuclear power in the country. And he’s rewarding his customers who do the same.

In the wake of iPhone 5, is Apple’s mystique causing it as much trouble as benefit?


Apple made waves with its iPhone 5 unveiling Wednesday — but perhaps not the waves it has at some of its previous launches. Are expectations too high for Apple, or is the company just not delivering like it used to? And, really, does it even matter?

In Vietnam, people clamor to learn English

Some 37 years after the United States pulled the last of its forces from Vietnam, ending the Vietnam War, the people of Vietnam are clamoring for closer ties to American culture. To do that, though, they need to know English. So in Vietnam, English is king.

Apple announces plan for its cash: give it back to shareholders


In what was a highly anticipated announcement, Apple announced that it would be reducing — or at least stemming the growth — in its cash accounts by doing what most investment experts said they would do: issue a regular dividend and buy back shares. Some of Apple’s fans had hoped for a big move, like purchasing a company or unveiling some new product.

Check out some of these awesome inventions from 2011


Time magazine compiled a list of 50 of the biggest, most consequential inventions of the past year. Siri made the list. So did a malaria vaccine, But others, you’ll have to read to believe.