Sonia Narang

Musicians from Scandinavia and southern Africa play a jam session at a Danish café during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival this month.

These African and Scandinavian musicians create sweet sounds in Copenhagen


Inside Café Blå Time, which means “Blue Hour” café in Danish, a crowd gathered to watch a line-up of international musicians during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

The Living Goddess, known as a Kumari Devi, is worshipped in Nepal by Hindus and Buddhists alike. Each Kumari Devi is chosen at a very young age. Samita, the girl in this picture, is no longer a Kumari Devi. Since the photo was taken, she started mentruat

Do Nepalis pray to a child goddess after an earthquake?

Natural Family Planning 1

The debate over ‘natural family planning’: Does it work?

sonia 3

How this clinic has changed a nation’s view of family planning

Gilda Maviango, right, and grandmother Salfina with Gilda's baby

Photos show the struggles women in Mozambique face getting health care

Indian environmental and global affairs journalist Stella Paul asks Al Gore about crop fertilization techniques in India.

Instagramming after hours at the United Nations

Global Politics

One thing that The World’s Sonia Narang will remember most about being at the UN during the General Assembly sessions are the less formal break-out sessions on the sidelines.

Januka Rasaeli, a pregnant woman in Nepal

Snapshot: Behind the Walls Of Nepal’s Women

Development & Education

The World’s multimedia producer Sonia Narang is wrapping up a three-week trip to Nepal where she’s been reporting on the difficult lives of women who still abide by centuries-old traditions.

Osaka scales back electricity to honor victims

Global Politics

A city in western Japan far from the tsunami and earthquake damage dims its famous bright lights in solidarity with victims. Sonia Narang reports from Osaka.

Women Taiko Drummers

Taiko players hope to help with Japan’s recovery

Arts, Culture & Media

An all-women’s drumming group in western Japan was preparing to travel to a concert in Fukushima. Then came the earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear crisis. Correspondent Sonia Narang reports that they’re still wondering what they can do to help.