The value of paper money

How money became ‘the most powerful metaphor’ in the world


Faith is all that separates cash from printer paper

New Dollar Bills Challenge

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Blurry image of woman in pink hodded sweatshirt standing in front of window, with reflection of trees

With smuggling costs skyrocketing, parents balance risk and debt for their children’s future

Luke Moore was living the high life.

How an Australian man got away with taking $1.5M of his bank’s money

Martine Warren, a scientific advisor to the Bank of Canada, demonstrates how to view a security feature on the new polymer Canadian 100 dollar bill to reveal hidden numbers when pointed at a single point light source in Toronto November 14, 2011.

Canada to beat US in getting a Canadian woman on its banknotes

A pile of American two-dollar bills, which are relatively rare everywhere the currency is used.

Why are Ecuadoreans obsessed with the $2 bill?


Journalist John Dennehy is obsessed with $2 bills — and so, it seems, are Ecuadoreans. While living in Ecuador, which officially uses the US dollar as its currency, Dennehy discovered that the bill is even rarer there than it is in the US, and it’s a prized good-luck charm to boot.

The Lion(s) Sleep Tonight

As we explore in our special Hip Deep episode, “The Money Show,” “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is one of the most infamous cases of an African song being used for massive financial gain by the West. In 1939, Solomon Linda … Read more »

The Money Show

Every day, money changes hands in Ghanaian cedi, South African rand and Brazilian reals as music is created, traded, performed, purchased and pirated. In this episode we look at the business side of African music, through a series of vignettes … Read more »

The Economics of Champeta with Michael Birnbaum Quintero

In our upcoming special Hip Deep episode “The Money Show,”  we explore the economics behind music in the African diaspora. In Chapter Two, we tell the story of  how business competition between rival DJs in Cartagena, Colombia led to the … Read more »

Hongbao packet

China’s traditional New Year’s gift of cash for children now has a digital option

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When families get together for Chinese New Year, one of the cherished traditions is giving and exchanging hongbao, red envelopes with cash. Rebecca Kanthor recently visited her husband’s family in China’s Henan province and learned the intricacies of these obligatory gifts.