From Ornament to Installation Art

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From the Bay Area to Baltimore, the combination of community and holiday spirit inspire seasonal transformations of entire neighborhoods.

Aha Moment: Cary Grant in “Holiday”

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Have Yourself a Scary Little Krampus

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Mad Decent's Christmas album

When you get tired of Frosty, give these alternative holiday songs a listen


The new year means old traditions for many around the world

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Cho Mei and her parents, refugees from Burma, bought their first Christmas tree this year. Mei says she's even participating in a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange with her family-- something she learned from her Burmese church group in Oakland.

These Liberian and Myanmar refugees cook up old, and new, Christmas traditions

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Who says you have to be Christian to celebrate Christmas in America? Since most everyone has the day off on December 25th, refugee communities often come together and create their own holiday traditions.

Super Bowl 2012 halftime show presents Madonna opportunity to reconnect

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This year’s Super Bowl halftime show will be Madonna’s first ever — but she’s a singer known by probably all ages of NFL fans. With a new album forthcoming, a new movie out this week and younger rivals challenging her pop stardom, this could be Madonna’s chance to restate her relevance.