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Two NASA astronauts in spacesuits in front of a rocket launch pad

NASA, SpaceX to launch rocket; EU, Japan plan huge stimulus efforts; Twitter marks Trump tweets with fact-check label

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Two American astronauts are set to make history on a SpaceX rocket launching from the Kennedy Space Center today. The European Union and Japan have unveiled huge stimulus packages to help economies rebound in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Also, Twitter slaps a fact-check label on US President Donald Trump’s tweets for the first time. In China, officials are urging a change to a long-standing chopstick tradition. And, bilingual comedians are working to reach their audiences through the pandemic.

A black and white photo showing three scientists in an old looking laboratory.

Why history’s most famous scientists are usually a bit weird

Sneakers hang from downed wires in the wake of Hurricane Maria

With the lights still dark in Puerto Rico, solar companies see an opportunity to help

Tesla solar panels would replace the typical solar panel array, like this one being installed on home in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California. Elon Musk wants to merge the two companies.

Tesla has unveiled a new idea for harnessing reusable energy: solar roofing tiles

Science fiction Star Trek paintings.

It’s a Star Trek and Blade Runner future, we’re just living in it

Hydrogen fuel cell filling station

Has the hydrogen fuel car finally arrived? Automakers are betting on it


Two major automakers are on the verge of putting mass-produced fuel cell vehicles on the streets of the US — and it could be the start of a major revolution in automobiles.

Is Hyperloop the Future of Travel?

Development & Education

Hyperloop, which is a cross between the Concord, a rail gun and an air hockey table, is the brainchild of billionaire Elon Musk.