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Arts advocate critical of Obama’s Turnaround Arts Initiative for select U.S. schools

Arts, Culture & Media

President Barack Obama’s administration rolled out a new program that seeks to turn around underperforming schools by integrating the arts into the core curriculum of each school. But a former federal education official and arts advocate said it’s the wrong approach to funding arts education.

The education reform debate

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What Makes a Phenomenal Teacher?

New Report Reveals Half of Nation’s Schools Are Failing

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The Grit Scale: a new solution in the education debate

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No Child Left Behind Laws Get Major Loophole

As one of the hallmark pieces of education legislation passed by President George W. Bush, The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 aimed to reform the American education system by giving schools standard and measurable goals that 100 percent of all students needed to meet. But, by promising to leave no child behind, did […]

The Social Cost of Changing Your Mind

Global Politics

Politicians and public figures are often ostracized for changing their minds (think: “flip-flop”). However, having a change of opinion is part of being human. We talk about some examples.