Chuck Hagel

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) speaks about pending legislation regarding sexual assaults in the military in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee on June 4, 2013.

This senator says the Pentagon is still a ‘complete failure’ on protecting sexual assault victims


A new Pentagon report say there’s progress on reporting sexual assaults in the military. But Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whose proposed reforms were rejected earlier this year, says commanders have been “a complete failure” in protecting those who report crimes — and plans a new push to pass her bill.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel listens as President Barack Obama announces Hagel's resignation.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is out — but whether it was his choice is less than certain

Jennifer is a transgender Army veteran who began making her transition into a woman while she was deployed to Afghanistan.

Transitioning to being a woman while serving in Afghanistan was like ‘puberty in a combat zone’

People in the Syrian city of Tabqa toured the streets in celebration after Islamic State militants took over a government air base nearby on August 24, 2014.

Washington is talking tough on ISIS, but its plans for intervention don’t seem to measure up

Navy Vice Admiral Michael Rogers

How do you lead a government agency that’s been under intense scrutiny?

Some of the disputed islands - known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China - in the East China Sea.

The US sends China a message with a couple of B-52 bombers

Global Politics

The Pentagon moved quickly to challenge a newly-declared Chinese security zone in the East China Sea. On Tuesday, two US B-52 bombers flew near a chain of Pacific islands claimed by both China and Japan.

Protesters burn a replica of the US flag during a demonstration against the capture of Nazih al-Ragye, in Benghazi October 7, 2013.

Two unconnected raids in Africa with one mission – capturing terror suspects

Conflict & Justice

The US raids in Africa over the weekend were intended to capture the terrorists for likely trial and interrogation, which is why the US decided against using drones.

The Takeaway Answers Listener Questions on U.S Intervention in Syria

The American debate over whether or not to take military action in Syria has sparked a rigorous back-and-forth between lawmakers this week. In two days of questioning, members of the Senate and the House directed their concerns and inquiries to Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and Gen. Martin Dempsey, the […]

Divided U.S. Congress considers military intervention in Syria

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President Barack Obama over the weekend outlined his belief that military strikes on Syria were warranted, but said he would seek Congressional authorization before acting. Congress stands divided on the issue of intervention — with Democrats and Republicans on both sides of the issue.

U.S., U.K. take steps toward action on Syria

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As U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel revealed that American military forces have been moved into position for any military strikes, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a recall of Parliament to vote on a government proposal to deal with Syria’s recent alleged chemical attack.