Anders Breivik

A woman is shown walking and pulling a rollaboard in an airport terminal with the Tokyo Olympics 2020 sign in the background.

Olympics director fired over Holocaust joke

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Top of The World: The director of the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics was fired on Thursday over accusations of a Holocaust joke he made many years ago. And, Iran has begun bypassing the Strait of Hormuz after opening its first oil terminal in the Gulf of Oman. Also, church bells rang out on Thursday as thousands of people gathered at events across Norway marking 10 years since right-wing extremist Anders Breivik killed 77 people.

A swastika lights up the night at the Ulysses, Pennsylvania, home of Daniel Burnside, a white supremacist Odinist who is raising his seven children in the religion.

White supremacists are killing in the name of an ancient Nordic religion


Norway’s right-wing extremists have evolved

A women places flowers near the Olympia shopping mall, where Friday's shooting rampage started, in Munich.

Police in Munich say shooting had a link to Breivik, not ISIS


Israeli computer science company devises technology to speed up video display


Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik convicted, sentenced for 77 murders

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A panel of judges in Norway have sentenced Anders Breivik to 10 to 21 years in prison for the mass murder of 77 people last year. If the sentence seems short, though, it’s an indication of just how differently the Norwegian justice system works.

Colorado shooter labeled as terrorist by some, too early to tell for others

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Investigators have yet to uncover a motive behind 24-year-old James Holmes’ deadly assault in a Colorado movie theater last week. Whether the attack qualifies as an act of terrorism is a complicated question that may not have a conclusive answer.

Survivor tries to make sense of aftermath of Norway attacks as trial continues

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The trial of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian man who is accused of trying to start a race war by massacring dozens at a political party youth conference, has faded from the headlines as it marches onward. But for Norwegians, the questions it raised are still bold. They’re trying to find their way forward amidst uncomfortable questions.

Anders Breivik and the Norway Justice System

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As Anders Breivik now enters the prison system, the possibility remains – however remote – that he will be released in the future. Host Marco Werman talks with Thomas Ugelvik from the University of Oslo about justice – Norway style.

Anders Breivik Receives Maximum Sentence for Mass Killing in Norway

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Anders Breivik has been given the maximum sentence for his crimes – 21 years. Host Marco Werman talks with Christin Bjelland of a group representing survivors and the families of those affected by Breivik’s attacks.