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Mexico’s ‘Mama Africa’ welcomes migrants on a long journey


An unmarked hotel along the Mexico-Guatemala border has become a frequent stop for weary migrants from parts of Africa and Haiti heading north.

The Ricord's iguana, which lives only on the island of Hispaniola, was thought to be extinct in Haiti until a small population was discovered in the southeastern corner of the country eight years ago. Now the three foot-long lizard is the subject of a rar

Where human life is precarious, Haitians look out for a rare Iguana


Some Haitians left waiting for family-based visas to come to U.S.

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Volunteers keep watch, ease isolation of immigrant detainees

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Carmine Pierre calls her 11-year-old son Marc Kelly in Haiti. She hasn't seen him since he was five. (Photo: Amy Bracken)

Why Some Haitians Are Still Waiting on Family-based Visas to Come to the US

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How Volunteers Keep Watch, Ease Isolation of Immigrant Detainees

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With thousands sitting behind bars in America’s immigration detention centers, some immigrant advocates, including many undocumented immigrants, are reaching out, setting up formal, and informal, visitation programs.

Immigrants, legal groups allege harsh treatment at U.S. border

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Immigration advocates are speaking out over what they say is unfair, even inhumane, treatment of immigrants caught illegally entering the United States. For their part, U.S. officials say the conditions are perfectly humane, but if they don’t like them they shouldn’t come here in the first place.

Recycled trash to fuel Haiti


A factory in Haiti provides a tree-saving alternative to charcoal by producing briquettes made from trash.

Abuse at the Border? Immigrants and Legal Groups Allege Harsh Treatment

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Illegal entry from Mexico into the US is down overall, but the South Texas Rio Grande Valley is its own story. An unprecedented number of migrants are now being intercepted by Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol. Amy Bracken reports.

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Asylum Seekers in Texas Celebrate US Independence Day

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Reporter Amy Bracken goes to Casa Marianella to catch up with some immigrants who are waiting for their asylum requests to be resolved.