Mural artist Mona Caron uses city walls all over the world as canvases for her magnified portraits of wild plants.

A muralist is painting weeds to represent the margins of society


“I don’t paint dainty little grandmotherly botanical illustrations.”

Picture of the Week: Corpse Flower

Track a Plant’s Movement

Picture of the Week: The Green Rose

Picture of the Week: Pando, One of Earth’s Largest Living Organisms

Picture of the Week: Corn Smut

An unsightly fungal disease called corn smut strikes fear in the hearts of American and Canadian farmers. When it appears as fleshy, grayish galls on cobs, it can cause, in some cases, a 20 percent loss of marketable crop. Yet, in Mexico, corn smut is a time-tested delicacy, known as huitlacoche (pronounced wheat-la-ko-chay). Ancient petroglyphs […]

Get Ready to Hike

Ready to start exploring the outdoors with your family? Make your hikes even more fun with these tips from National Wildlife Federation. Ages: 7+ Cost: Under $10 Duration: 10 minutes to over an hour What You Need Binoculars (optional) Bug repellant Camera (optional) Cell phone (optional) Emergency Kit First Aid Kit Hat (optional) Magnifying glass (optional) […]

Picture of the Week: Phytoplankton

These single-celled algae with hard, calcified scales form large blooms in oceans around the world—and they just might have what it takes to withstand some of climate change’s impacts, according to a study that recently appeared in Nature Climate Change. Researchers from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, Germany, wanted to test how […]

#ObserveEverything: Staff Picks, Week #1

We observe: you're amazing!     Last Friday we invited you to join in our latest Science Club project, #ObserveEverything, and your response has been outstanding. In the past week, you've sent us dozens of observations, from family spider tracking around the home to some laser-based photosynthesis research at a major lab. Below are some […]