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Church groups take part in a protest against President Barack Obama's immigration enforcement policies outside the White House in Washington July 31, 2014. The White House has indicated it will announce a plan to prevent an estimates 5 million from being

An undocumented mother of two US citizens hopes Obama will follow through on his immigration pledge

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Ahead of a major announcement next week, one undocumented immigrant in Connecticut hopes she can finally live the American dream.

Daniel Melendez is program director for TSJ Media, which runs three Spanish-language radio stations in Ohio, including La Mega, and puts out out Spanish-language newspapers and magazines all over the Mid-West.

Cleveland’s La Mega radio tries to unite diverse Latin American communities

Rainey takes part in a Sri Lankan parade in Lebanon.

A Sri Lankan girl living in Lebanon isn’t really a citizen of either country

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Servicemen from the US military take an oath during a naturalization ceremony at the Al-Faw Palace in Baghdad's Camp Victory on July 4, 2011.

Some American veterans get kicked out of the country they served

Shukri Alassouli's wife and two children were among some 450 people who drowned in a fishing boat rammed by people smugglers last month in the Mediterranean Ocean.

A ‘mass murder in the Mediterranean’ leaves nearly 450 lost at sea, including this man’s family


The love affair between Mexican Americans and Morrissey isn’t that surprising


English singer-songwriter Morrissey has a staunchly loyal and maybe obsessive fan base. His shows are defined by audience members throwing themselves on stage, clamoring to hug him. But Morrissey’s most loyal disciples come from a seemingly unexpected group — young Mexican Americans.

The US Coast Guard intercepted a vessel carrying Cuban migrants en route to Florida this summer. New York Times reporter Frances Robles recently reported a story that highlights a slow but steady increase in the number of Cubans trying to enter the US.

Long, dangerous journeys aren’t stopping Cubans from trying to come to the US


Cubans may not be jamming into fleets of makeshift rafts like they did in 1994, but the number of people trying to leave the island for the US is still surprisingly high. That’s even despite routes that may take them as far south as Ecuador in their quest to enter the US.

The Igorrotes sitting around a campfire, and playing up for the camera, at Coney Island in the summer of 1905.

A tale of sex, greed and Filipinos on Coney Island


In 1905, a small tribe from the Philippines appeared at Coney Island as a “human exhibit.” Journalist Claire Prentice chronicles their experiences in her latest book, “The Lost Tribes of Coney Island,” which we’ve excerpted here.


Nothing challenged my readiness to live in the US more than a chicken sandwich


When he first arrived in America, Afghan student Ali Shahidy knew his English was ready to tackle the tough language of academia. But he never expected to be tripped up by lunch at a fast food restaurant.

Sruti Swaminathan, 22, is the daughter of Indian immigrants. She told photographer Quetzal Maucci that while growing up in the US, she was embarrassed to bring Indian food to school for lunch.

This young photographer brings the stories of immigrant children to light


Quetzal Maucci is the daughter of two immigrant mothers from Peru and Argentina. Growing up in San Francisco, she felt like an outside because of that heritage. Now, she has collected stories and portraits of other children of immigrants in the US to help break the stigma of being an immigrant.