Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Woman at podium wipes away tears, while man stands next to her

Former detainees tell New Mexico legislators about abuses in immigration detention as county seeks to renew contracts


It is rare for legislators at the state level to take action to limit the federal immigration agency. At a recent hearing, advocates asked New Mexico to do just that.

Overhead view of congregation in pews, while woman stands at podium speaking

In New York, volunteers engage in a quiet form of advocacy for immigrants facing deportation

In Trump's America
Young girl walking on lawn, holding teddy bears

For this mother and daughter, separated a year ago at the southern border, Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy isn’t new

Agent in uniform stands on bridge looking over green river

This is what the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on the border means for people fleeing violence

A man with "POLICE ICE" protective vest leads a man in handcuffs down street, with another officer with "POLICE FEDERAL AGENT" on vest on the right

As immigration arrests rise, advocates warn immigrants to know their rights when agents show up

Two men hug in room with many people around them

An immigrant detainee is sent over 1,000 miles away from his family and lawyer — and fights to return


Prominent immigrant advocate Ravi Ragbir was detained in New York City, but agents sent him to Florida after saying that they would deport him. A judge told the government to bring him back while his case is being heard.

Man in baseball cap, close up, sitting at table with microphone and other panelists.

The US government is targeting MS-13, but a former gang member says arrests alone won’t solve the problem


Luis Cardona works for Montgomery County in Maryland, walking a fine line to keep trust with young people in gangs and agents who sometimes arrest them.

Hundreds of people are gathered in a room. Some are seated at tables and have water bottles, some pillow or blankets with them. A large screen is set up to broadcast news about Tropical Storm Harvey.

A looming immigration law is hurting Houston’s ability to help undocumented residents in wake of Harvey


What’s happening in Texas is part of a larger national debate about how local and state law enforcement policies can affect public safety.

Man sitting on bench in front of sweets shop, looking off camera

Immigration limbo is a ‘tug of emotions.’ It’s also a mental health issue.


With millions of lives in immigration limbo, the long-term effects of uncertainty are beginning to worry mental health experts.

Workers raise a fence in front of white kevlar tents

A private prison company with a troubled past looks to reopen an immigration detention facility in Texas


The Department of Homeland Security has called for more immigration detention facilities to open along the US-Mexico border. And negotiations between a private prison company and the government have already begun in the Rio Grande Valley.