A cyclist is shown rides up a nearly empty three lanes of 7th Avenue with the Freedom Tower in the distance.

Car crashes deadlier as drivers speed during lockdowns


Coronavirus lockdowns led to huge reductions in traffic and fewer car crashes this spring, but as drivers sped up on quieter roads, the collisions became deadlier in several cities, a Reuters analysis shows.

Police officers on patrol during the Notting Hill Carnival in London. Photo taken on August 27, 2018.

An American newspaper asked Brits for petty crime stories. They got classic snark back.

Yusra, played by Rhianna Merralls, struggles to fall asleep in the play, "Wherever I Lay My Head," performed in London City Hall.

Chronic insomnia plagues young migrants long after they reach their destination

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Keep Calm and Cary Grant

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A rig (L) surrounds the top of one of the chimneys of Battersea Power Station as demolition work is carried out, in London, Oct. 2, 2014.

Why the UK has an easier time than the US divorcing from coal


The UK will end its use of coal in power plants in less than a decade. It’s hard to imagine the same thing happening in the US.

Actor Kevin Spacey at the premiere of Netflix's television series "House of Cards" at Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Center

Netflix dumps Kevin Spacey, police home in on Harvey Weinstein


Netflix late Friday dropped Kevin Spacey, whose career is in free-fall over spiraling sexual assault accusations as police gather evidence for a possible arrest warrant against Harvey Weinstein for alleged rape.

Facebook logo with the Russian flag

Britain asks Facebook for information about suspected Russian influence in Brexit

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A British parliamentary committee investigating “fake news” and suspected foreign interference in politics said Tuesday it has asked Facebook for details on Russian-linked ads used during the Brexit vote and June’s general election.

Author Kazuo Ishiguro poses for the media outside his home, following the announcement that he has won the Nobel Prize for Literature, in London, Britain, on Oct. 5, 2017.

Kazuo Ishiguro wins the Nobel Literature Prize


British author Kazuo Ishiguro, best known for his novel “The Remains of the Day” and whose emotional uprooting from his native Japan has left an indelible stamp on his work, won the 2017 Nobel Literature Prize.

A sign for an electric car charging station at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

The UK joins a move to ban gas and diesel cars by 2040


Britain plans to outlaw the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars and vans starting in 2040. But what are the hurdles to going electric?