Several people are shown standing on a beach with many holding cloth to their faces to protect from the smoke.

Thousands trapped on Australian beaches by dangerous bushfires


Thousands swarmed to beaches on Australia’s east coast Tuesday to escape fierce wildfires bearing down on several seaside towns, as the government readied naval vessels and military helicopters to aid firefighting and evacuations.

Oil flows through pipes to the Westridge Marine near Vancouver, BC. A second, much larger pipeline here is part of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau's plan to increase exports of oil from Alberta's tar sands region. Opponents say that would increase

This Canadian oil pipeline could cause the next great controversy


New York exhibition documents Iraq War invasion through Marine’s diary

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Argentina debating granting right to vote to teens, immigrants

Global Politics

Despite protests, Pena Nieto maintains lead in Mexico’s presidential race

NYPD monitored American Muslim student activities across Northeast

Global Politics

An internal report from the NYPD leaked this week to the Associated Press confirmed that for the past 10 years the NYPD has been conducting surveillance on Muslim student organizations across the Northeast United States. The report paints a surprising portrait of just how far the NYPD’s intelligence division went in monitoring American Muslims for terrorist activity.

Children treated like slaves to produce supposedly ‘fair-trade’ cotton for Victoria’s Secret

Many of the products sold at Victoria’s Secret are said to contain ‘fair-trade’ cotton. But a new report from Bloomberg News found that that cotton is often planted and picked by children 13 and younger, who are forced to work like slaves.

How governments can create policies that promote happiness


A survey conducted in Victoria, British Columbia revealed that quality of community and environment played a very big part in determining the degree of happiness people felt.

Cold War Modern

Arts, Culture & Media

Cold War style is undergoing something of a renaissance in Europe — there’s current nostalgia for that old Communist aesthetic.

Ghost Net Busters Dive to Remove Deadly Lost Fishing Nets


Lost and abandoned fishing nets kill untold numbers of sea creatures around the world every year. But there’s a growing global movement to remove what are known as “ghost nets” and prevent new ones.