Greentown Labs in Somerville, Mass. has become the nation’s largest clean technology incubator, housing more than 50 small companies.

Massachusetts pushes to brew up new green businesses to help fight climate change


Solar and wind power are important, but really solving the climate crisis will take a whole new generation of energy-efficient technologies, and even new companies to develop them. But there’s a growing force in the field — the green tech incubator.

During the worker-led protest, posters of Market Basket's CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, were plastered to the walls of this grocery store in Somerville, Mass. Arthur T, as he was affectionately called, recently regained control of the company after the board f

It’s not every day that workers fight for a beloved CEO — and win


In the latest UN climate change report, scientists offer us a glimmer of hope — if we act fast


Bike sharing programs taking off with cities, cyclists


Somerville, Mass., aims to reinvent itself to improve community health

Health & Medicine

A Band That Uses Gaming Technology to Make Music

Arts, Culture & Media

The Percussivo Mundo Novo band uses video game technology to take Brazilian percussion into the 21st century.

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A breakthrough in Thailand

Conflict & Justice

Quentin Somerville of the BBC speaks with John Hockenberry about the situation in Bangkok, Thailand, where anti-government protesters have taken the international airport.

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Cellular worries


Cell phones may be hazardous to your health. The science is inconclusive but some states want to require warning labels on cell phones. David Carpenter is director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany.

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Blasting NASA


Host Jeff Young speaks with former NASA engineer and editor of NASA watch dot com, Keith Cowing, about the new frontier for America’s civilian space program.

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Smart power to the people


The city of Boulder, Colorado has a few smart grid homes already up and running. Host Steve Curwood talks with Kara Mertz, the Local Environmental Action Division Manager for Boulder about her city’s smart grid plan.