A woman moves her things onto a table in a flooded home.

How floating homes will help people in flood-prone countries


Millions of people have suffered from flooding and millions more are at risk. Thanks to Dream Homes, resilient homes could save lives and protect some of society’s most vulnerable from flooding.

Japanese fisherman embrace tsunami as a chance to reinvent their industry


Japan’s earthquake-resistant buildings


Japan’s Tsunami-Stricken Fishermen Chart New Course


Scientist Warned of Tsunami Disaster in Japan

Global Politics

Toyota Suspends US Production for One Week

Toyota announced that it would suspend U.S. production for one week beginning today. The car maker’s decision in part due to problems with the Toyota supply chain, which was disrupted by March’s Sendai earthquake. However, it is unclear exactly what is causing the shutdown. To get to the bottom of the announcement, is Paul Eisenstein,  publisher […]

The World

PechaKucha humanitarians now help at home


The World’s Clark Boyd reports on a group of architects and designers around the globe who organize day-long events to generate ideas and money for disaster relief. This time, it is for Japan, the home of the people who started the effort back in 2003.

Will We Ever Stop Using Unsafe Energy?

Tokyo’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is said to be registering at 100-thousand times the normal level of radiation following the Sendai earthquake three weeks ago. Is the breach at Fukushima further proof that, in our search for energy independence, nuclear power may just be an uncontrollable gambit? Or is there a safer means to […]

US Auto Industry Feels Effects of Japan Quake

Japan’s Sendai earthquake disrupted work in that country, shutting down factories, which supply parts to the United States. Thanks to hi-tech supply chain issues, car parts are missing and U.S. factories are beginning to shut down.

Top of the Hour: Nuclear Emergency, Morning Headlines

Japan faces a continued nuclear crisis while relief efforts begin following last week’s tsunami and earthquake. Reporter for The Christian Science Monitor, Peter Ford has in Sendai and is now on his way to Niigata, on Japan’s west coast.