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In this Aug. 20, 2020, file photo supporters watch the program outside the venue where Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is speaking, during the Democratic National Convention at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

How Puerto Ricans in central Florida may decide the US election

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Florida is a must-win state in the race for the White House this Nov. 3. Whether President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the state’s 29 electoral votes could depend on a few hundred thousand Puerto Ricans in central Florida.

Protesters gather with colorful signs

Puerto Rico’s new land-use zoning map strikes a nerve with fed-up citizens

Puerto Ricans wait to get cash out of an ATM in San Juan ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian on Aug. 28, 2019.

In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Dorian’s tropical winds blow up fear and frustration among residents

A woman with a Puerto Rican flag painted on her face looks at the camera.

The soundtrack of Puerto Rico’s protests

Several people on stilts and others line a street

Poet laureate says despite poverty, Puerto Ricans are ‘very powerful’ in fight against corruption

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As hurricane season nears in Puerto Rico, a doctor tries to help pregnant women prepare themselves

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Carmen Zorrilla, an obstetrician in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s main public hospital and the principal investigator at the Maternal-Infant Studies Center, heard of several unplanned home births after the storm. It worried her.

Richelle Van Dusen and her partner, Dallas Tate, are shown bent over working in a field of green vegetables.

Photo essay: Puerto Rico’s small farmers rebuild, with help from chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen

A year and a half after Hurricane Maria struck the island, grants from World Central Kitchen are helping dozens of small farmers start fresh.

Alberto Rodríguez

Documentaries capture the impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Ricans’ health

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Andrea Patiño Contreras went to Puerto Rico to catalogue the impact Hurricane Maria is having on people’s mental and physical health. The people she met are living with heartbreaking situations.

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A year after Maria, Puerto Rican college students find home – on the island and off

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Rosamari Palerm transferred to a school in Miami last fall after her school shut down in the wake of Hurricane Maria. She’s returned home to San Juan, but some of her classmates have stayed, making new homes in Miami.

Soldiers of the Puerto Rico National Guard and volunteers of the Puerto Rico State Guard clear a road at Punta Santiago in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Scenes of utter devastation were found throughout the island after Hurricane Maria hit last September.

Report: FEMA wasn’t ready for Hurricane Maria, destruction in Puerto Rico

It is said that practice makes perfect. As the events surrounding Hurricane Maria showed, a lack of practice can make a tough situation even worse.