A team of researchers at the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center selects lead antibody candidates for further screening.

Racing to develop a drug to fight COVID-19


Doctors in China and the US have transfused antibodies from recovered patients directly into the blood of people with severe cases of COVID-19. Dr. Mario Ostrowski and his collaborators want to identify the genes that encode these antibodies and use them to mass produce lab-grown versions — to turn into a drug to treat the infection.

A group of dairy cows stand in a caged area inside a farm

Can this radical approach to dairies save US farms?

Those who have the neurological condition synesthesia often automatically see colors when they hear music or see numbers or letters.

Study begins to reveal genetic ties behind a neurological phenomenon

Ice cream sandwich

Why are some brands of ice cream ‘meltier’ than others?

Miss Tibet 2013, Tenzing Lhamo, is a Tibetan American living in Madison, Wisconsin.

Miss Tibet 2013 is from Wisconsin — and she’s never been to Tibet

A scientific discovery falls out of this epidemiologist’s nose


Tony Goldberg was so close to a new species he practically could have smelled it. On a research trip to Africa, a new species of tick came right out of his nose.

Romney lauded for strong showing in first debate with Obama

Global Politics

Mitt Romney came out on top, according to most who Wednesday night watched his first debate with President Barack Obama. Romney was described as aggressive, while Obama was panned for being passive and listless.

Wisconsin Voters Decide Walker’s Fate

Voters in Wisconsin are heading to the polls to decide whether or not their governor Scott Walker stays or goes. Right now, Walker is maintaining a very narrow lead in polls. Regardless of whether or not Wisconsin will actually matter come November, politicians in Washington are watching the state closely for hint of the national […]

Wisconsin Voters Talk Gov. Scott Walker’s Recall Election

This Tuesday, Wisconsin will decide whether to recall Republican governor Scott Walker from office. Walker is being taken to task on labor union reforms he implemented suddenly last year, shrinking their bargaining power and angering droves of Wisconsinites. Democrats say Walker misled voters during the campaign by never alluding to such drastic measures against the […]

2012 Primary: A Less Predictable Deep South

For Republican presidential candidates, capturing the Deep South means capturing the base of American conservatism. But southern voters have yet to decide on any one candidate, and southern sensibilities are broadening. Our partner, the New York Times, reported that the southern conservative electorate may be far more diverse than it once was. Are the Southern […]