An exhibition of Soviet ornaments and toys at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts

Cosmonauts and corncobs: A peek at some Soviet-era holiday ornaments

Cosmonauts and corncobs on a Christmas tree? Scratch that … on a New Year’s Day tree! That’s what you’d find on a holiday tree if you were in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Anti-government Russian demonstrators took to the streets in Decembe, 2011, increasing pressure on Vladimir Putin as he sought a new term as Russian president. The placard reads "Get tired! Leave!"

Putin’s Cold War mentality explains a lot

Thu MacKenzie and Madison Bau are freshmen at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

Racist taunts tested their friendship, but this Clinton supporter and her Trump-backer pal are in it for the long haul

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

In Nigeria, many stayed up late for the drama, not the content of the US presidential debate

Global Politics
French President Francois Mitterrand raises his cap as he goes for a walk in the streets of Chateau-Chinon in 1995.

French politicians have a long history of keeping their serious illnesses secret

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Stockholm's old town, the island of Gamla Stan.

Bernie Sanders wants us to be more equitable like Sweden. Could it work?


Could a Scandinavian-style welfare state work in the US? And what exactly does a “social democracy” look like in Sweden?

Sanders supporter outside a polling station in Manchester, NH, on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016.

Just ’cause you’re a feminist doesn’t mean you’ll vote for a woman

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A Rutgers professor explains why feminists across generations may have chosen Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. It has to do with intersectionality and equality politics.

Same-sex marriage bill in Maryland set to be signed

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Last week, the Maryland Senate approved a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state. The bill, which follows a similar one from 2011 that died in Maryland’s House of Delegates, now awaits the Governor’s signature — scheduled for Thursday.