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Activity using Strava's tracking technologies such as the one above has helped the company produce a heat map of the world using one billion total activities.

Recent discovery on Strava heat map points out the ease of leaking data through social media platforms


If you think that geotagging a photo on Instagram or Facebook is a rather innocuous activity, you may want to think again

Whether to say "needle" or "sleepy juice": Dr. Sarah Aref and Farris Barakat help a Syrian boy at the temporary Syrian American Medical Society dental clinic on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Death could not stop his drive to help Syria’s refugees

Zeynep Tufekci at SXSW 2015.

‘Power in numbers’ is more than a phrase — it’s a vital part of social change

Michael Muhammed Knight

This American man very nearly joined the jihad in Chechnya in the 1990s


Total Ban on Cellphone Use Behind the Wheel Planned for Chapel Hill

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Red Wolf Roams Again

Red wolves are being reintroduced to the wilds of North Carolina. The animal once ranged throughout the southeast and as far north as Pennsylvania. The effort is hailed as the first successful reintroduction of a predator that had been declared extinct in the wild. But the program has its critics. From Chapel Hill, North Carolina, […]

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Human disease can often be chalked up to both our genes and the environment. But, just how these two factors conspire with each other is poorly understood. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences wants to shed light on that complex interplay through a new effort dubbed the Environmental Genome Project. A Human Genome Project […]

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Take Two (Weeks of Vacation) and Call Us in the Morning

Lifestyle & Belief

The Takeaway discusses the future of vacation with Eric Jones, an IT director who rarely takes time off, Eric Berridge, co-founder of Bluewolf, a company that offers unlimited vacation, and Kari Henley, board director at the Women and Family Life Center.