Fortuné, 16, used to have a spaghetti-and-coffee kiosk in Bangui. But it was dismantled one night. So now he's pinning his dreams on his singing group.

A teenager from the Central African Republic puts his faith in Divine Efficiency


It’s not easy to make it in the Central African Republic. But Fortuné, a teenage entrepreneur, keeps trying. His latest project is a singing group.

Fortuné gets up at 4 a.m. to prepare homemade spaghetti, which he starts selling at his stand at 6 a.m.

Fortuné’s big dreams and small spaghetti business


Avian flu kills a Canadian, and more in today’s global scan

Global Scan
Muslim men organized in militias with machetes rough up a Christian man while checking him for weapons in the Miskine neighborhood of Bangui, Central African Republic.

A photographer captures the violence in the streets of the Central African Republic

Conflict & Justice
A French military sniper readies his rifle in Bangui.

Religion is not the real issue in the Central African Republic’s conflict

Conflict & Justice

Mandela brings people together, even in death

Global Scan

World leaders and regular people gathered Tuesday in South Africa to honor Nelson Mandela — a man who was labelled a terrorist by the US until 8 years ago, a friend of China and Cuba, and now a symbol of hope and reconciliation for millions. We also look at Saudi Arabia’s interest in its own human genome project, one of the most extreme zipline rides in the world, and a video game where the villian is alcoholism. All that and more, in today’s Global Scan.

Central African Republic

UN peacekeepers are heading into the Central African Republic

Conflict & Justice

The UN will send a force of French and African troops to try to prevent the deepening violence in the Central African Republic. They will be heading into utter chaos.

Central African Republic

‘The worst crisis most people have never heard of’ is in the Central African Republic

Conflict & Justice

Violence is increasing in the Central African Republic. And now, its former colonial overseer, France, is talking about an intervention.

An ex-Seleka soldier stands guard in Bossangoa, Central African Republic.

France reasserts itself in Africa, with fresh troops to a troubled Central African Republic

Conflict & Justice

France is sending 1,000 troops to the Central African Republic on a peacekeeping mission to help avoid a genocide. New Yorker staff writer Philip Gourevitch says it’s part of a broad effort to re-establish its sphere of influence and reputation in Africa.

Outrage Over Soldiers Killed in Central African Republic

Arts, Culture & Media

Marco Werman speaks with The World’s Carol Hills about an incident that’s showing up in a lot of South African political cartoons.