A man wearing military uniform holds gun up in air in open truck with other men cheering

After military coup, uncertainty hangs over Mali’s future


From the onset, the military junta has promised to pave the way to new elections. But some are concerned it might be trying to hold onto power in this transition.

A huge crowd of protesters in Mali with one person raises his arms high in the air

Protesters in Mali call for president to step down

Boubacar Traore on stage. March 29, 2012 Paris,France

The World’s music features this week: Boubacar Traore, Jyotsna Srikanth, and Elkin Robinson

Aliou Toure of the band Songhoy Blues

‘When you write a song about racism, it’s a big deal’

Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Segal in Boston, 2017

The World’s music features this week: Daymé Arocena and Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal

A woman places carnations at the scene of a suicide bombing at Istiklal Street, a major shopping and tourist district, in central Istanbul, Turkey.

By the numbers: The terror attacks we paid attention to


Terrorist attacks that resulted in the death of more people do not necessarily mean that they’ll get more search attention on the Internet.

Ngoni maestro Bassekou Kouyate performs at the Festival Acoustik de Bamako.

Photos: Mali’s holds its first, colorful, international music festival since its military crisis


Afropop returned to Mali and found traditional and contemporary music thriving at the Festival Acoustik de Bamako, in Mali’s capital.

Aboubacar Doumbia, a mailman in Bamako, Mali.

He may be Mali’s most dedicated postman


Three years after a coup nearly ripped Mali apart, militant groups continue to use parts of the country as their bases of operations. What little government exists is chaotic and corrupt. Public services are almost unheard of.

Malian singer-songwriter Sidi Touré.

Musician Sidi Touré says Mali’s civil strife couldn’t break the country’s music

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Brian Eno, a rocker, composer, and all-around musical curiosity seeker, is in Mali right now, taking part in the Africa Express cultural exchange. Malian musician Sidi Touré says Mali’s recent civil war tried, but failed to break the deep place of music in that country.

Mutiny in Mali continues as Junta announces new constitution

Global Politics

The leaders of a military coup in Mali have issued a new constitution for the country while thousands of their supporters rally in the capital Bamako and protest foreign interference.