A view of the Maltese House of Parliament, where lawmakers are set to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis, Valletta, Malta. 

Malta just legalized recreational cannabis. Will other European countries follow? 


Malta is the first European country to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. Germany and Luxembourg are likely to follow suit, but it’s a far cry from the liberal Canadian model.

Tronco, or multiple foot stocks used to to constrain enslaved people

The Netherlands hosts a new slavery exhibit, as historical debates continue 

A scene from an Amsterdam metro subway with a huge TV ad of a white man's face

Amsterdam bans fossil fuel ads from its metro

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A woman smokes a joint at cannabis coffee shop Prix d'Ami in Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 13, 2020.

Amsterdam officials move to ban tourists from its cannabis cafés

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Amsterdam's red-light district remains sparse as many international tourists have stayed away during the pandemic.

Is overtourism over? Travelers to Europe stay home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A sign reads "no sex" in the red-light district in Amsterdam.

Sex workers in Europe struggle to survive as clubs slowly reopen


As sex clubs reopen across Europe, sex workers worry about their earnings and also whether they can stay safe. Niki Adams, a spokesperson with English Collective of Prostitutes, says the pandemic and lack of state support shows how far the industry still has to go to gain legal recognition.

Alongside tulips and windmills, the global image of Amsterdam is one of a city entwined with water.

Amsterdam’s coronavirus recovery plan embraces ‘doughnut economics’ for people and the planet

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A key part of “doughnut” economic thinking is no longer using the gross domestic product as a proxy for society’s success. 

a sign in amsterdam that says you can't drink in the street

Overtourism in Amsterdam’s red-light district provokes local outrage


It’s estimated over 19 million tourists visited Amsterdam last year. Residents of the city of 850,000 say overtourism has made parts of the city unbearable.

voting in holland

In upset, Dutch Labor party trumps populists in European vote

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The Dutch vote was a first test of the appeal of populist and Eurosceptic parties contesting elections across the bloc through Sunday, and the outcome may offer some relief to established pro-EU parties.

Two while men in suits

With far-right topping Dutch polls, EU elections could see Eurosceptics take the lead

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All eyes will be on the Netherlands and its exit polls Thursday night, where young and charismatic Thierry Baudet, leader of new far-right party — with plenty of controversial statements to his name — is hoping to gain seats in European parliament. Some say the rise of far-right Eurosceptic parties has fevered speculation that this week’s election results could determine the future of the European project.