Siri-like app SimSimi to be rid of curses

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Thailand's culture ministry — the self-appointed guiding light of Thai teen morality — has found yet another reason to hate the Internet.

It's called SimSimi. It's both a Web site and a free iPhone app.

It's sort of like Siri, but not as good: you pose questions or statements to SimSimi's plump, yellow mascot and it can manage barely coherent conversation.

But it seems SimSimi's mascot, which picks up phrases from the application's users, has learned to swear in Thai.

And that just won't do, the Ministry of Culture tells the Bangkok Post and The Nation newspapers. SimSimi's South Korean developer has agreed to accept a list of Thai curse words and erase them from the chubby little mascot's mind.

But is he really that well-versed in Thai verbal filth?

Not really. This is what happened when I tried to provoke him into cursing.

ME: You're fat.

SIMSIRI MASCOT: (Weeping emoticon)

ME: Why are you crying? Are you hungry?

SIMSIRI MASCOT: Reallllllly hungry! (Another crying emoticon)

ME: You're going to get censored soon. Did you know that?


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