Oprah Winfrey in India: Bodyguards arrested for scuffle with reporters – UPDATE

Oprah Winfrey's education in the ways of Indian law enforcement continued Thursday, as three of her Indian bodyguards were arrested by police for allegedly "manhandling" journalists, according to Indian media.

The diva of chat shows was on a trip to Vrindavan, the city believed to be the birthplace of the Hindu god Krishna, with two American and 12 Indian bodyguards. According to OneIndia:

Three Indian guards allegedly broke some video cameras when the media personnel tried to cover her visit to the town. The irked media men filed a complaint against them at the local police station. The police arrested and released them after they wrote a letter of apology to the media.

Earlier this week, GlobalPost reported that Oprah appears to be going native.

Not only has the queen of Book Clubs embraced the sari, but she's also gotten a quick education on dealing with Indian law enforcement, according to the Times of India.  Photographic evidence even suggests she's learning to say, "Kya, yaar?" (What, dude?).

The cops busted Oprah's Mumbai bash at the beach house of Godrej (one of the city's uber elite due to her ties to the "old money" of India's Godrej Group) three times Monday night, each time receiving a "fine" of about $100 to go away, the paper said.

Monday night's party for Oprah Winfrey, thrown by Parmeshwar Godrej at her swish beach-hugging bungalow in Mumbai was busted thrice by cops; the first time within fifteen minutes of Oprah's arrival. The Godrejs even paid a fine of ` 5000 at each raid.

Clearly, neither the Big O nor the Godrej family are big fans of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare.  But that's OK: The Mumbai cops don't watch Oprah either.

While Parmeshwar Godrej was unavailable for comment, Arun Bhagat, senior PI from Juhu Police Station, confirmed, "Residents near Godrej's bungalow had called us at night saying that they were playing loud music. We sent a team to tackle this at 10.30pm." The cops confessed they had no idea why the celebrations persisted despite the disruptions. They also said they did not know who Oprah Winfrey is.

They might be the only ones. Oprah is HUGE in India, as far as I can tell from my English-speaking-elite pals. There are even a few young journalists striving for the title "the Oprah of India," though nobody can boast much of a business empire or a book club to go with their Empathy Face.

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