Malaysia: government bans children’s book “Where Did I Come From?”


The children's book "Where Did I Come From?" — an old educational tome filled with cartoon penises and vaginas — is too hot for Malaysia.

Banned as obscene, the book is now deemed so dangerous that, according to the Asia One news outlet, "anyone convicted of circulating and distributing the book" can be hit with a $6,600 fine and three years in prison.

"To talk about the sensational feeling of making love and the rubbing of genitals – how's that (suitable) for children?" said Malaysia's home minister, according to Asia One.

The Malaysian site LoyarBurok has braved the ban by posting these graphic images from "Where Did I Come From?", which was written in the 1970s by a British man named Peter Mayle.

If the Malaysian government wants steer curious kids away from pursuing "sensational feelings," it might consider leaving this page from the book in circulation.

It's a depiction of two overweight parents doing it under an old quilt.

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